more about Rural Renegade...


Rural Renegade is Quality, Performance, Passion.

Rural is outside the city and Renegade is marching to the beat of your own it is essentially all of who I am and all of what I want to be...outside the city doing my own thing to help you.

Business is business - but the way a business operates, from the employees out to customers - tells a story about that company - how it treats its people, its values, its community.

It tell customers whether they want to build a relationship with you - or not.

We tell the world that a business, no matter the genre, cannot operate ethically, morally and socially responsible without People. True - and people relate best to Stories.

How a company treats its People is a direct reflection on how they'll treat customers - and keep them.

Same goes for me and my work. I offer an outstanding quality product, customer service and value.

Voices for you are important to me because each voice tells a story - your story - and it deserves to be told how you want it told, and in the way you want to tell it. Documentaries, films, television, commercials, educational training, sports promos - whatever voice vehicle you use to share your message - I shape your message for your listener and drive it to Profitville.

Like me - you're not going to follow anyone. You want to blaze your own trail and you'll do it because you can.