Six Sigma is dead...what's next?

Corporate management is a fraud. It is theft.

Theft of integrity and character and common basic fundamental good sense.

Many entrepreneurs today are not university-educated. How in the hell could they ever embark on a life-changing adventure of helping others while dragging around the chains and tethers of management by objective and profit at all costs.

Slide in a slippery dose of sick sigma and you've already sealed your demise.

Ethical companies today - the ones we'd like to tell our kids to support - and doing something sooo strange that mainstream media (controlled by corporations) never report on...and why would they? Just like big oil has a death-grip on the war machine to save itself from suicide, the media refuses to bite the hand that feeds them.

Sick Sigma (yes I know how to spell it correctly, this is marketing), is nothing more than clever marketing targeting the middle manager who wants to bump up his bonus check by utilizing a failed (but well marketed) slick sick sigma package for 1/4 results bump. "Hey look at me! Look how much money I saved the company by using an ineffective yet cleverly-marketed process improvement plan that's tricked everyone into thinking we're making progress!"