Absent with Cause

Hi there. As you can tell, I haven't written here for a while. And the reason isn't an excuse...it's just the truth.

I suffered a serious concussion.  

My Neurologist says I'm on the mend and you know, I actually feel like I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

So, I'll be writing more here when I can... I do have some stories to share with you as well.

Thanks for being patient...


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Demo Updated

I have been working with a few friends overseas to help redirect the voiceover piece in a new direction...and that starts with a better engineered audio file. So, I've uploaded a new one today. Might not be able to hear the difference here, but to professional producers for television, film and radio - they'll be able to hear it loud and clear. 

Available directly here, or head over to fiverr.


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With all the interest lately it's been tough to take a few minutes and post what's going on lately...

Kids are doing great in school...sports are great, my son is signed up for winter baseball camp so he's pumped about that...my daughter is signed up for art class and music class....and me - I just laid a new kitchen floor. Yup, super busy. I haven't even had time to snap some pics for you....maybe next time.

Voiceover is going slower than I want...but this is the business.

Writing is going OK - nothing special....but I am getting a lot of inquires from manufacturing companies to be their GM...

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Vanilla Voices

Funny thing about voices...there are literally thousands upon thousands of voice artists in the world all trying to get a piece of the voiceover pie.

That's not me.

My skill set and my life and work experiences offer a rich serving of success for my clients.

They want to create an unforgettable experience (and make money)  - and I'm an expert at delivering experience.

No more vanilla.

#vanillavoices #voices #vo #sound #real 

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Voice Demos

I was speaking to a mentor of mine last week and he said `put your demos up even if they`re not ready....unpolished is better than not at all`.

So here`s a few.

More to come.....scripts written, bed tracks picked, going in the studio next week to cut some better ones.... 

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Six Sigma is dead...what's next?

Corporate management is a fraud. It is theft.

Theft of integrity and character and common basic fundamental good sense.

Many entrepreneurs today are not university-educated. How in the hell could they ever embark on a life-changing adventure of helping others while dragging around the chains and tethers of management by objective and profit at all costs.

Slide in a slippery dose of sick sigma and you've already sealed your demise.

Ethical companies today - the ones we'd like to tell our kids to support - and doing something sooo strange that mainstream media (controlled by corporations) never report on...and why would they? Just like big oil has a death-grip on the war machine to save itself from suicide, the media refuses to bite the hand that feeds them.

Sick Sigma (yes I know how to spell it correctly, this is marketing), is nothing more than clever marketing targeting the middle manager who wants to bump up his bonus check by utilizing a failed (but well marketed) slick sick sigma package for 1/4 results bump. "Hey look at me! Look how much money I saved the company by using an ineffective yet cleverly-marketed process improvement plan that's tricked everyone into thinking we're making progress!"



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New Markets

India, Japan, Australia, China, South Korea and Brazil are all doing something American companies are not - they are working as a team. They work together to solve problems and create solutions beneficial for all.

If you or someone you know is working in these markets, let me know. I want to work with the future.

I know I can help and they can help me.



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Give a Shit

My eight year old son asked me a question today on our way to baseball practice.

"Daddy, what is Chi-na?"

"That's a good question - do you mean China?" I asked as I looked at him in the rear-view mirror, trying to correct his pronunciation without being obvious.

He nodded.

"China is a country," I explained, "like the country we live in today, Canada, except it's a long way away from us, over on the other side of the world,"

"No. You're wrong, Daaaaaaaad," he said bluntly. "Canada is awesome. We make good stuff in Canada here, but China-made stuff falls apart and makes me sad."

My son was referring to his baseball glove. A Wilson brand name, but sure enough, the tag read MADE IN CHINA.

Take a look at your iphone or ipad you're on now...it says 'designed in California' but 'assembled in China'.

Does being assembled in China make an iphone or any apple product less of a product? Less quality? Less durability? Less performance?

I don't think so.

It has more to do with the systems and processes Apple has in place than "who" actually made something or assembled something. Don't misunderstand - child labour is not cool. If a company could find a reliable work force that could operate 24/7/365, they'd use them all the time - every time.

But they're missing one key ingredient.

An ingredient vital to future success.

The same ingredient Richard Branson uses at all his companies in The Virgin Group.

The secret ingredient - People who give a shit.

If the worker doesn't give a shit about the company or the products and services, then the customer won't give a shit about the company.

Care - you need to care to be able to "feel" the difference.

Give a shit.

Think about that.

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Free Promo coming soon...

Hey, it's Jay.

So, Amazon is going to run a 3-5 day FREE promo on my book. Be sure to watch for it so you can pick up your free copy before it goes back up to regular price. I'll keep you posted when the book goes on promo. Should be soon. All I ask is you leave a review/comment so we can help this movement grow and spread all across the world.


Amazon has it

If you're interested in how you can inspire others to improve, my book is live on Amazon and available in Kindle and paperback.




Lead Yourself to Leadership

I landed on the book title - Lead Yourself to Leadership.

It's about how you have the power to help others become better by helping yourself become a better leader.

I'll post links to the book on Amazon and Kindle soon.


Hey it's Jay.

I've been elbows-deep writing my book. Trying to get it perfect is driving me insane...but I want you to have a great experience with it, so I'm trying to make it insightful, educational and inspirational....I basically want to help you help yourself to help others. 

Is that odd or what. But it's true. We can't help others until we first discover we need to help ourselves in order to help others. 

You'll see what I mean in the book...


We are changing what we focus on here at RR.

The market is saturated for VO work. I can use my VO talents for my Quality Tribe....and that's what I'm focusing on now. I will create video and audio options for my clients.

Under Construction for Success....

Thanks for checking back....we're still working to finish up some new reports that'll help you move forward with your business.

Feel free to send comments - good or bad - everyone is working towards being better and serving you better!

There is a Way

I see it every day. 

Lost. Wondering. 

There are so many people who have figured out how to market their "success plan". There are so many ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for the "next big thing".

The "next big thing" started in 1950. And it wasn't even in America or Canada or anywhere in the western world.

I'll be talking about it next....

Go for it! START!!!

What a fresh crisp n cool morning here in Nova Scotia! To my friends in Japan and Switzerland, you know what I'm talking about!  Nothing like a smackin' blast of icey cold buckshot to the face first thing in the mornin'!

#voiceovers and #copywriting are the two pillars of my foundation.

You want to be successful?  Everyone starts out small and grows. NOPE. Allow to to re-phrase that. 

Hardly anyone start.....that's the problem. 

Everyone has the intention to start - but only a few do. And why is that? Why do only a few start?  Because they think they need to have all the pieces in place BEFORE they start.


I feel into this mind-trap too. Hell, it's precisely what has held me back all these years...until I realized that I don't have to have it all figured out and I don't have to see the end in sight to be able to start.


So I have. Learn as you go. If you don't know something, ask, seek, google, or find a mentor.

I have a dream to achieve. So do you. If we can help each other get there - then let's go.


Voice Demos

We've added a few more voice demos....we'll be adding some character demos shortly...they're still in production! Animation voices, bumpers, etc. We'll post 'em soon!


2017 is the year!

Thanks for visiting! We've been working on new voice demos that we're sure you'll love! Remember - if you need to sell your product or service, we can help. Think of those movie trailer voices that help convince you "holy shit! I gotta see that movie!"...well same here. 

Working on getting an agent in NYC and LA soon....then they can do all the ground work while I do all the voices and sell your stuff!