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We've lost honest.

I recall many years ago working for my father in our family business. We worked hard and we laughed even harder. We weren't hung up on prices or profits back then, no, we were fanatical about making sure we did what we said we'd do, when we said we'd do it, and we'd never cut corners to save a buck. We were straight up honest.

Did we lose some customers because we weren't prepared to jeopardize our integrity in exchange for kickbacks? Sure. It happens to most at some point. It truly defines who you are and what you are.

Being honest created for us a loyal client list. Those same clients became friends and those friends were life-long customers. And no amount of marketing genius can "buy" that brand of loyalty. No, that's something you "earn" the old-fashioned way from hard work, heavy lifting and doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it.

Simple. Effective. Honest.

What I see today in corporate America is perpetual sadness. People working their asses off just to keep the wolves away from the door. There are no savings. There are no college funds for the kids.

We've all been duped. We have taken the bait of the rich and powerful. We have bought into that dysfunctional lie called the American Dream.

We work to make them rich. They lead us to believe that somehow from our ever-increasing hard work we too can live the American Dream and have everything we ever wanted - just like them - a big house, a nice yacht, a fancy sports cars, and more money than Davey Crockett.

That's all bullshit.

Those rich and powerful people want you to work your ass off - not for your own success - but to maintain their lavish lifestyles. It's no wonder the media and society still perpetuate all the hype about reaching the ultimate goal of C E O. Holyshit - the CEO of a company is God they say. The ultimate goal to reach if you want to aspire and live the American Dream.

Be honest.

The American Dream was manufactured to convince you that somehow if you work hard for some big company, have medical and dental benefits, pump your hard-earned cash into some pension fund - that you too can enjoy the benefits that come from working your ass off - new house, new car, new new new new.....see what's happened?


You've become what they expected you'd become by buying into the hype of the American Dream. You have become a slave to debt. And now you have no choice but to keep working to keep the wolves away from the door.

Sad isn't it?

See what happened - in your pursuit of happiness you lost sight of your goals and worked your ass off helping someone else get rich.

It's bitter. It makes you feel used. Worthless at times and stupid for thinking you could be fooled.

There is hope.

There is a way out.

I'll share the solution in the next post.



Do you fit into the current American business model - CEO, vice presidents, directors, middle managers? Maybe you hold one of these titles and you're still bummed out. You wish you could do walk a fine line between keeping your boss happy AND keeping your staff engaged and motivated and productive.

Some use process plans like six sigma and lean to accelerate engagement and motivation and productivity - but are they really working?

Wouldn't you rather be the type of leader that your entire staff look up to and trust to inspire them on new creative adventures and challenges with the goal of having prosperity for all? A Leader whose actions prove that each person in the company is equally as important as you are?

Imagine a company where employees are being treated so well by you they never leave, they always remain fiercely loyal, are themselves a 24/7 brand ambassador for your company, and you stay in business for decades to that even possible?

A healthy work ecosystem where the quality of life and the quality of service and thequality of products for you, your team and your customers are unmatched anywhere in the world.

You take care of them - They take care of your business - Customers for Life.

Is it really that simple?

What if I told you about a secret management method that could blow the socks off any other business plan out there today - and could give you a competitive edge no matter what niche or market you're in?

A proven management method that dates back to 1950.

Yes, that's right. Almost 70 year ago....It's still a secret... Shhhhh.....

This Method has been around for a long time - but the delivery of information and the understanding of how to use the methods in today's business world - today's massive social media world - is unlike anything you've ever heard of.

Nobody is doing this - and those that think they are - are not.

Picture it.



An American quality pioneer is invited to this little island in the Pacific Sea to do the impossible. They ask him to literally transform an entire country from utter devastation after WWII into the undisputed World Leader in Quality products and Quality service....and thus improve the Quality of life for all.

To essentially create a Powerhouse of Global Quality.

....and to improve the quality of life while doing so? ...How?

Who are these companies that are continuously working hard to maintain and improve the highest level of quality for so long?

Some are still doing today what was started in 1950 - Building and Improving Global Quality. Never satisfied with being ordinary - always hungry to keep improving daily. Honda, Toyota, Nippon, Hitachi, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Subaru and Mazda.

In India today, this secret management method has been adopted by many East-Indian companies who are creating world-famous quality products and services. The largest manufacturer in India is Mahindra Tractors - who has grown from a small family business into the number one tractor maker in the world by following this secret management method.

You can have this too. 

You can create world-class, ever-improving quality of life, quality of service and quality of products for your business, for your team, for your customers. Following this simple management method could make your business become #1 in any market anywhere in the world.

It won't be easy - nobody said it was easy - but learn the method, do the work and the results will speak for themselves. Your customers will do all the marketing you could ever ask for because you cannot put a price on loyalty and integrity.

Now really think about this point - If this management method could inspire and transform an entire Country into becoming a World Leader for Quality - and sustain it for over five decades - AND also help transform a small East-Indian farm tractor business into the world's #1 tractor maker - imagine what it could do for yourcompany.

Out with the old - in with the True.

Just Imagine.




Humble - Not bragging. Not boastful. Zero ego.

Humility isn't something you're born with - it's something you learn and something you feel. And you usually learn it the hard way.

Being humble isn't easy. We all want to find success and in this dog eat dog world you need to have drive and ambition to get there. Some would argue you need to step on as many people as you can on your way up the corporate ladder.

That's bullshit.

When, and if, you get to the top, how many of those you stepped on to get there will help you stay there? Very few. Some have no morals and will sacrifice their integrity and character in exchange for money. But that's it - all your "friends" are bought and paid for....and that's no way to be a leader, a manager or even be in business.

So many offer advice today on how to find success in business. Whether you take a business program at college or university, or you work your way up inside a company, there are so many different ways to learn about business. 

"Business is the art of extracting money from another person's pocket without resorting to violence," someone once said. And that's about as basic an explanation as you can get - you sell a service or product to make a profit. This is business in it's purest form. 

But...there is one thing many neglect once they've completed this simple transaction.

Business isn't a one-transaction action.

Today's #entrepreneurial business owners are not naive - they are keenly aware of the need to foster and grow those business transactions into meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Why? To keep your business brand trustworthy AND to keep your customers coming back again and again.

One way to do this: ensure you are humble and gracious in serving them to the best of your ability. Genuine people recognize genuine people. This is something we see and feel.

This humbleness is a true sign of a top quality Leader - and many of us entrepreneurs will recognize this key business success ingredient in others.

Quality people create quality products - not just one time - but all the time.

The mark of this true quality will not only be seen - you'll feel it.

Remain Humble.