Writer and voiceover guy

JF Pelley (Jay) was raised in the family business and learned at an early age how to build critical leadership skills needed for business success which has driven him to be a life-long champion for entrepreneurs and small business today. 

Jay has spent the last 25 years working in the Quality space as a Director of Quality, a Senior Operations Manager of Quality, and Quality Relationship Specialist.

He learned very quickly how to get better results by showing people what to do instead of telling them what to do - discovered he had a passion for quality - and learned how quality was interwoven and connected throughout all aspects of business. 

Jay left the family business to spend a year traveling. One of his fondest memories was the time he spent in Memphis, Tennessee, absorbing the rich culture, music and food on Beale Street. Then he traveled home and went to college and studied Radio/Television Broadcasting, and then Public Relations. 

To land a job, Jay crafted an email and sent it to only two recipients - one of which hired him on the spot and he's been working there for the past 19 years as a Quality Relationship Specialist.

Fiercely loyal, Jay is a expert at building relationships. He is an award-winning Champion for continuous quality improvement. Never afraid to get dirty to solve problems, mostly business, but occasionally mechanical or construction, Jay identifies the issue, creates a strategy and executes on command. 

Jay's an ex-firefighter and an ugly poker player who enjoys discussing business, politics, books, and sports. He lives with his family in Nova Scotia, Canada.

You can book him directly for Voiceover projects