more about who i am...


Rural Renegade is Jay Pelley - a one man show, an ex-firefighter, an ugly poker player who enjoys discussing business, politics, motorcycles, craft beers, books, and sports. Jay is an active voiceover actor, a published author, a professional copywriter and an aspiring television producer. He lives in the best province in Canada -  Nova Scotia. If you've never been to Nova Scotia you're missing out on one hell of an experience! 

Jay is an expert in the process of Continuous Quality Improvement having studied the father of Quality for over 15 years. Deming transformed an entire Country to understand and appreciate the value of people, the value of hard work and leadership, and to never stop improving everything.

Speaking of Leadership, Jay wrote a book titled "Lead Yourself to Leadership", available on Amazon, which details specific strategies top leaders use to influence their troops and give them all the glory.

If you're looking for a voice for your advertising, or you need some copy written, or you need some quality improvement strategies - let me help you. 

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